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Michael Stark is an ex-CIA operative, now a contractor at large, offering his unique services to governments worldwide. His old employers need him to make certain adjustments in a situation while providing plausible deniability of their involvement – they need him to safely rescue a high-level arms dealer from his kidnappers and return him to power without anyone knowing who’s behind it.

Stark and his team of highly-trained ex-military professionals take the job, and their investigations take them to Crete, the Aegean Sea and exotic isle of Aruba, tracking the dangerous kidnapper. After dodging middle eastern hired killers and island mercenaries,  can they retrieve the global arms dealer, and return him to his beautiful daughter, Elena? Can they get to him before his global weapons network goes into action, detonating powerful explosive devices in ports around the globe and destroying the world’s shipping infrastructure? It’s a race against the clock, although the team doesn’t know it until its almost too late, but Stark and his team are uniquely suited to take on the challenge.

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