Meet the Cast of Stark Reality

Michael Stark
Leader of the team of top-level professional soldiers.

Georgios "Big G"  Papadopolous
- World-renowned, highly successful global arms dealer. Tough, fair-minded but ruthless, he's risen to the top of a dangerous profession through a mixture of street-smarts and sophisticated business tactics.

Elena Papadopolous
- Big G's daughter, beautiful, smart, chic and informed, she offers tantalizing possibilities for the future for Michael Stark - if he can free her father from the kidnapper . . .

- Mad, demented, brilliant criminal mastermind, arms-dealing competitor to Big G on some level, with a score to settle. Carrying a chip on his over 450 lb shoulders, he's got it in for Big G, and a plan to make him disappear . . .

William “Stacks” Jones -  At 6’6” and nearly three hundred pounds, he stood out among the other Washington bureaucrats and nonprofit managers that made up his neighbors. Stacks had a full-ride scholarship to Grambling as a tackle,  he’d also graduated at the top of his class in engineering, continuing to earn a master’s in hydrodynamics.  Enlisted, and after a short but distinguished career as a Marine MP, he flourished, rising to the rank of captain. He discovered he had a knack for things mechanical, especially vehicles, boats, planes, and the like, as well as a distinct talent for hitting what he aimed at. After earning Marksman and Distinguished Marksman honors, as well as finishing top three in the All-Service rifle competition, besting snipers from the army, Gunner’s Mates from the navy, and keen-eyed pilots from the air force, he felt confident in offering his skills in the field to Stark in addition to his engineering and mechanical skills.

Samantha Bellows -  Sam had been with the team since Grenada, when they provided some tactical support for one of the rescue units from Australia. She was part of a naval detachment assigned to support Stark’s contractors in the effort to secure the American military forces from the guerilla forces there.  As a lieutenant and communications specialist, if it could be made to talk, transmit data, or connect with something else, she could design it, build it, take it apart, tweak it, fix it, and make it work to its full capability and then some, even under the most adverse conditions—like being shot at, for example.  At 5’9”, wiry and strong with a model’s face, flaming red hair, and a jet pilot’s attitude, she was both enticing and formidable, not someone to be messed with. A crack shot with multiple weapons and cool under fire, as well as a trained Corpsman, everyone was happy to have her watching his back under most any circumstances.

Jimmy “Tang” Tanaka - relatively short, tough wiry-looking Japanese ex-paratrooper. At 5’8”, 155 lbs., he’d barely qualified for jump school, but had outshone his competition in the unit by the second day, showing steel nerve, cool thinking, and a capacity to learn and analyze information with lightning speed. A Berkeley graduate in engineering, a black belt at Tai Kwon Do, a top-level marksman with five years of Ranger experience, he was one of the younger team members, but one they depended on quite heavily, especially in some of the more recent missions.

William “BJ” Thompson - tall, beefy, and fair, a good 6’ 4” in socks, over 240 lbs., built like a pro wrestler. A Purdue grad in biology on a full ride as a linebacker, he’d spent as much time in the weight room as he had at fraternity parties, resulting in a finely tuned body that could bench press over 500 lbs., and run a 5.1 forty-yard dash at age thirty-five.  He’d done well in the teams, but during some down time when the fighting shifted to the Middle East region, he’d grown bored with no real missions to run. When he’d been approached by one of Stark’s team, he was receptive to a new challenge, and they’d sealed the deal the next afternoon. He’d resigned his commission and become an extremely valuable member of Stark’s team. As the explosives and demolitions expert, he also doubled as the team’s armorer and chief medical corpsman, based on his biology training.

Ahman Akbar. Akbar was a former bodyguard to Mohammad Omar, head of the Taliban, and one of the fiercest commandos on the planet. He’d saved Omar’s life at the Battle of Jalalabad in ’89, dragging the mullah to safety after he’d been injured and blinded in one eye under extensive fire by Russian sharpshooters. He and the general were, of course, sworn enemies in public, but each had earned the other’s grudging respect over the years of working with the large man, learning tolerance and admiring the skills and mental toughness of the other. Physically one of the most robust individuals, certainly at this table, his skills included top marksmanship, mastery of four different martial arts disciplines, and the ruthlessness of a modern psychopath, remote, remorseless, and focused on his task of extracting information, much as a hog butcher approaches his work on a pork loin. He’d attended an American medical school in Lebanon, was well versed in human anatomy, and knew intimately how to inflict pain without making the subject pass out or killing him.

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